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Civil | Structural Engineering Company In Bellaire, TX, 77402

JRH Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc. | Since 2008 providing Civil | Structural Engineering | Environmental Consulting Services In Bellaire, TX, 77402


JRH Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc. has provided Civil Engineering Design to small developers, design-build contractors, commercial site developers, commercial franchise owners, industrial contractors, and general contractors in Texas since 2008.

Site Utility Engineering Services In Bellaire, TX 77402

Civil Engineering Services

  • Site Development

  • Grading & Detention

  • Pond Design

  • Utility Plans

  • SWPPP Plans

  • Construction Notes & Details

  • Residential Grading & Drainage Plans

  • New/Additional Parking Lot Plans w/ Drainage Improvements

  • Neighborhood Developments of all Capacities

  • Commercial Site Development


Example Project Types

  • Strip Centers

  • Gas Stations

  • Franchise or Private Branded Restaurants

  • Inner City Town-Home Developments

  • Warehouse Storage

  • Airport Expansions

  • Commercial Office Space Buildings

  • Residential Developments

  • RV Parks



Free Site Evaluation for Your Residential | Commercial | Industrial Project Needs.

Determine Property Suitability and Feasibility

At JRH Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc., we offer comprehensive site development services in Houston and across the State of Texas.

Our experienced team provides a free site evaluation to assess whether your property aligns with your project requirements.

By conducting thorough assessments, we ensure the feasibility and suitability of the site for your development needs.


Expert Site Development Plans and Approvals

Layout, Utilities, Grading, Drainage, Landscape, and Erosion Control Plans

With our expertise in site development, we create detailed and precise plans tailored to your project.

Our services include the preparation of layout plans, utility plans, grading/drainage plans, landscape plans, and erosion control plans.

These essential components are crucial for obtaining the necessary approvals and permits for site construction.


Experienced Handling of Site Development Challenges

Comprehensive Solutions for Various Site Development Issues

Rest assured that our seasoned team at JRH Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc. has encountered and successfully resolved a wide range of site development challenges.

Whether it's addressing property condition reports, utility and drainage issues, stormwater inspections and repairs, site alterations, parking lot additions, or building expansions, we have the expertise to handle any complexities that may arise.

Streamlined Civil Engineering Design and Permitting

Efficient Execution of Commercial  and Industrial Projects

If your project requires the construction of a commercial or industrial development, we have the necessary experience and proficiency in civil engineering design and permitting.

Our goal is to deliver efficient and streamlined processes, ensuring your project complies with regulations and receives the necessary permits for successful execution.


Member of Metal Building Manufacturers Association

Professional Structural Engineering Services Across the State of Texas

Comprehensive Structural Engineering for Commercial | Industrial | Residential Buildings

Expertise Tailored to Houston and All Other Texas Municipalities

Experience the excellence of JRH Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc., your trusted partner for professional structural engineering services.


With a specialization in both commercial and residential building sectors, our team provides a wide spectrum of services designed to meet the unique requirements of Houston and municipalities across Texas.

Client-Focused Approach with Uncompromising Quality

Reliability, Integrity, and Timeliness as Our Core Values

At JRH Engineering, client satisfaction is our top priority.


We prioritize quality, reliability, integrity, and timeliness in every project we undertake.


Our engineering design professionals play a crucial role in ensuring the success of your project.


We value the opportunity to be part of your team, working together to achieve your project objectives.

Building Structural Design Services for Houston and All Other Municipalities in Texas

Meeting Your Commercial | Industrial | Residential Structural Engineering Design Needs

Our comprehensive Building Structural Design Services cater to the diverse needs of our clients:

  • Commercial and Industrial Foundation design:  We excel in designing various types of commercial/industrial foundations, including slab-on-grade (post-tensioned or mild steel) and pier-supported slabs.

  • Structural framing design: Our expertise covers wood, concrete, and steel structural framing design, ensuring robust and efficient building structures.

  • Bracing and shear wall design: We create effective bracing and shear wall designs using wood, concrete, or steel materials, enhancing structural stability.


  • Residential foundation design: Our services extend to designing residential foundations, such as slab-on-grade (post-tensioned or mild steel), pier-supported slabs, and steel beams on metal decking.

  • Structural framing assessment and modifications: We offer comprehensive assessments of existing structures, providing expert guidance on modifications required for structural framing enhancements.

Foundation Design Engineering Services In Bellaire, TX 77402


Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Study

Environmental laws require that prospective property owners of properties conduct a reasonable and appropriate inquiry into the property, its past user, and the associated environmental liabilities.


This type of study is conducted to evaluate the potential risk of contamination at a property. In the event of potential contamination, a Phase II ESA is conducted.


Wetland Delineation


Wetland delineation is an environmental investigation into determining if there are jurisdictional wetlands on the tract.


Wetlands can only be classified through scientific evidence that there is hydrology present, hydric soils, and hydrophytic plants together on any portion of the site.

USACE Permits


USACE permits are required when construction activity occurs in a jurisdictional area of land of the US Army Corp of Engineers.


These permits can range from Section 10, Waters of the US permits, to Section 404 permits, fill of the wetlands permit.


These permits can fall under the category of Nationwide permits, individual, or general permits.

Our Firm can assist with all aspects of any Environmental assistance needed with your Development!

Engineered Quality: Done Quickly. Done Right.

Our Clients

JRH Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc. offers a vast range of capabilities for prospective clients,  including, but not limited to; Cities, Counties, Governmental Entities, Residential Developers, Contractors, Architects, and Commercial Property Builders. 

Our firm employs several licensed Engineers. Each with diversified expertise in multiple aspects of Civil, Environmental & Structural Engineering and offers their own technical abilities, past experiences, education, and enthusiasm to assist our clients with the highest quality of services.

Founders of JRH Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc.

The Founders

Our Commitment To Your Expectations

We understand that budget, time, and quality are all extremely important factors in our clients' projects.  Therefore, our Consulting Services help guide our clients in the most efficient and cost-effective direction to execute their development within their budget and timeline.
Our firm's Customer Service is unsurpassed in the industry. We keep our clients informed at all stages of the process of their project with promptly returned correspondence. Each, and every one of our personnel is highly skilled and truly care about our clients' needs and desires. In our industry, we have the ability to help our client’s development dreams come true and that is our passion!

A local engineering company near you in Bellaire, TX, 77402

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