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How Architects Create Emotional Connections: Experiential Designs by three Raise the Bar

DALLAS – “Architecture evokes emotion,” is the message and basis for the streak of successful architectural works created by the acclaimed firm three. By translating desirable feelings into architectural concepts, three has conceived and executed successful hotels, mixed-use buildings, and senior residences around the world, from Hotel Emma in San Antonio to an upcoming urban resort hotel at 8950 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles to a luxury residential tower for active aging, Harbor’s Edge, which recently broke ground in Norfolk, Virginia.

“Feelings are real, and they are extremely relevant today for creating transformational architecture,” says Gary Koerner, AIA, founder and president of the Dallas-based firm and principal designer behind memorable, popular hotels and residences. “The designer’s job is to understand how environments make individuals feel, and to use those findings to engage the user in creating a relationship with the property.” As the award-winning architect has told clients and audiences, emotions provide the most important connections to whatever kind of property is under design.


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