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Mass Timber Cost and Design Optimization Checklists

WoodWorks has developed a series of checklists to assist in the design and cost optimization of mass timber projects. The design optimization checklists are intended for building designers (architects and engineers), but many of the topics should also be discussed with the fabricators and builders. The cost optimization checklists will help guide coordination between designers and builders (general contractors, construction managers, estimators, fabricators, installers, etc.) as they are estimating and making cost-related decisions on a mass timber project.

The paper also includes links to a variety of mass timber design resources, most of which can be found on the WoodWorks website (

The checklists cover:

• Pre-design – including design and builder team coordination, cost estimating considerations, contractual considerations, and design goals

• Schematic design (SD) – including material optimization/panel sizes/grids, system coordination, structural systems, fire resistance, acoustics, finish quality, schedule savings, and cost optimization

• Design development (DD) – including additional considerations on material optimization/panel sizes/grids, hybrid considerations, system coordination, fire resistance, MEP systems, finish quality, specifications, and cost optimization.


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