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New Update to Standard 53 on Compaction Grouting from ASCE

Reston, Va. —  ASCE’s (American Society of Civil Engineers) updated standard, Compaction Grouting Consensus Guide, ASCE/G-I 53-19, focuses on the practical and engineering aspects of compaction grouting as a technique of ground improvement applicable to a wide range of soils. Compaction grouting increases the density, strength, and stiffness of the ground through slow, controlled injections of low-mobility grout that compacts the soil as the grout mass expands.

This new edition, which updates and replaces the previous edition of ASCE 53, includes sections on monitoring and verification have been expanded with new technology-driven content covering both sensitive and routine structures. The material describes automated monitoring of grout injection and ground and structure movements, additions to the finite analysis and soil mechanical verifications, and data processing and field practices to implement the technology.

Providing a background and good practices in compaction grouting, this standard is essential reading for those involved in specifying, designing, or undertaking compaction grouting.

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