Storm Water Quality Features Inspections & Permitting

New Commercial projects located in Harris County now require Detention Ponds with Storm Water Quality Control Features.  These features help regulate and control flooding and poor water quality.  Harris County REQUIRES Annual Inspections in order to renew permits each year.  


Our Firm offers a simple inspection process for property owners!


JRH takes the hassle out of the inspection and permit renewal process and performs the entire process for property owners. 


First, after the control feature has been cleaned, we will complete the inspection and provide all of the necessary pictures and documents needed for the permit renewal process.  We can also complete the permit renewal process for our clients if requested!  


The entire process can take time given weather conditions and scheduling.  Therefore, we generally prefer to begin the process at least 30 days before the permit renewal due date in order to avoid late fees issued by Harris County.

Once you are established as an Annual Client, we will keep the process extremely simple by keeping up with your renewal due dates and completing the Inspection process without delay!

Dry Pond

Wet Pond

Sand Filter

Floatables Collection Screens

Vegetative (Swales/Filter Strips)

Hydrodynamic Separators

Inlet Inserts

Constructed Wetlands

Oil/Grit/Trash Seperators

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