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Civil Engineering & Land Development

JRH Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc. has provided Civil Engineering & Land Development Services to small developers, design build contractors, commercial site developers, commercial franchise owners, industrial contractors, and general contractors in Texas since 2009.

The quality of our Engineering Services is unsurpassed in the industry! 

Let us help you build your dreams or investment property!

You dream it, we help you build it!


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Civil Engineering Services

  • Site Development

  • Grading & Detention

  • Pond Design

  • Utility Plans

  • SWPPP Plans

  • Construction Notes & Details

  • Residential Grading & Drainage Plans

  • New/Additional Parking Lot Plans w/ Drainage Improvements

  • Neighborhood Developments of all Capacities

  • Commercial Site Development


Example Project Types

  • Strip Centers

  • Gas Stations

  • Franchise or Private Branded Restaurants

  • Inner City Town-Home Developments

  • Warehouse Storage

  • Airport Expansions

  • Commercial Office Space Buildings

  • Residential Developments

  • RV Parks


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