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Site Development Design in the State of Texas

Free Site Evaluation for Your Residential | Commercial | Industrial Project Needs

Determine Property Suitability and Feasibility

At JRH Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc., we offer comprehensive site development services in Houston and across the State of Texas.


Our experienced team provides a free site evaluation to assess whether your property aligns with your project requirements.


By conducting thorough assessments, we ensure the feasibility and suitability of the site for your development needs.

Expert Site Development Plans and Approvals

Layout, Utilities, Grading, Drainage, Landscape, and Erosion Control Plans

With our expertise in site development, we create detailed and precise plans tailored to your project.


Our services include the preparation of layout plans, utility plans, grading/drainage plans, landscape plans, and erosion control plans.


These essential components are crucial for obtaining the necessary approvals and permits for site construction.

Experienced Handling of Site Development Challenges

Comprehensive Solutions for Various Site Development Issues

Rest assured that our seasoned team at JRH Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc. has encountered and successfully resolved a wide range of site development challenges.


Whether it's addressing property condition reports, utility and drainage issues, stormwater inspections and repairs, site alterations, parking lot additions, or building expansions, we have the expertise to handle any complexities that may arise.

Streamlined Civil Engineering Design and Permitting

Efficient Execution of Commercial  and Industrial Projects

If your project requires the construction of a commercial or industrial development, we have the necessary experience and proficiency in civil engineering design and permitting.


Our goal is to deliver efficient and streamlined processes, ensuring your project complies with regulations and receives the necessary permits for successful execution.

Contact Us Today to Discuss Your Texas Site Development Options

Our dedicated team is ready to provide professional guidance and support to help you achieve your project goals.

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