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Windstorm Engineering

The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association requires all new and/or repaired structures to be built per TWIA standards with TWIA approved materials.  Our Firm ensures our clients projects are built within these requirements in order to complete the process within all of the TWIA regulations and requirements. 

We simplify the process for our clients by offering

Windstorm Consulting, Engineering Designs & Windstorm Inspections.

Texas Windstorm

Windstorm Engineering


Texas Windstorm Requires a registered engineer with the Texas Windstorm Agency to successfully pass an exam to become a certified inspector.  Jason Henrichs, PE, the firm’s Registered Principle Engineer has been a registered Windstorm Engineer, and has provided windstorm inspections and design since 2009.


Because it is not a requirement to hire a Certified Windstorm Engineer for a design, many people have been put into a predicament when they do not.  In most cases, when a client did not hire a Certified Windstorm Engineer, the client had to hire JRH to redesign the project and inspect the final build.


It is always ideal to have a Certified Engineer involved in the design from the beginning. We have experienced multiple businesses that could not get the discounted State Windstorm Insurance due to hiring the wrong firm to work on their design. Once construction has reached a certain point in its build stage, JRH will no longer be able to assist. This can cause a rejection in the ability to obtain Windstorm Insurance and Certification or obtain the Certificate of Occupancy.


JRH provides Windstorm Inspections on roofs, porches, patios, framing, doors & windows, garage doors, A/C units and any external covering structure.  After the inspection has passed, our Firm will file the application for Windstorm Certification for our clients in order for them to obtain the Windstorm Insurance required.

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For more information regarding TWIA's requirements please visit the links below.


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