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Civil Engineering Services for Projects in Tx: A Overall Guide by JRH

Updated: Jan 31

Civil Engineering Services for Projects in Tx: A Overall Guide by JRH

Your Trusted Partner in Civil Engineering Excellence

At JRH Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc., we pride ourselves on being a beacon of technical proficiency and a paragon of customer-centric values. Our mission is to deliver bespoke civil engineering solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients in Texas, particularly in the bustling metropolitan areas of Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Galveston Bay, and Beaumont.

A Certified Woman-Owned Business (WBE)

JRH Engineering is not just a leader in civil and structural engineering services; we are also a certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), and Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB). These certifications reflect our firm's commitment to diversity and inclusion in the engineering industry[1].

WBE and HUB Certification

As a WBE and HUB certified firm, we are recognized for our dedication to providing opportunities for women and historically underutilized businesses in the engineering sector[1].

WOSB Certification

Our WOSB certification by the Small Business Administration (SBA) further underscores our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within our industry[1].

Our Civil Engineering Services

Residential Site Development Design

We offer professional residential site development civil engineering design services, ensuring that your dream home or investment property is built to the highest standards[1].

Commercial and Industrial Site Development

Our expertise extends to commercial and industrial site development, where we cater to property owners, small developers, design-build contractors, commercial franchise owners, industrial contractors, and general contractors[1].

Storm Water Compliance and SWPPP Design

We navigate the intricacies of stormwater permit changes and provide expert guidance and SWPPP services for seamless compliance[2][4].

Site Utility Design

Our team specializes in the design and implementation of site utilities, ensuring that your project's infrastructure is reliable and efficient[1].

Retention/Detention Pond Design

Understanding Texas's unique landscape and environmental needs, we are a trusted partner for retention and detention pond design services[1].

Project Management

We understand the importance of accountability, time efficiency, and project dollar value. Our project management services ensure that your project is delivered to the highest standard[1].

Our Commitment to Quality and Efficiency

Engineered Quality: Done Quickly. Done Right.

We recognize that budget, time, and quality are crucial for our clients' projects. Our consulting engineering services guide our clients in the most efficient and cost-effective direction, executing their development within budget and timeline[6].

Customer Service Excellence

Our customer service is unsurpassed in the industry. We keep our clients informed at every stage of their project with promptly returned correspondence[6].

Our Expertise in Texas

Local Knowledge and Experience

Established in 2008 and headquartered in the heart of the Houston Metropolitan area, we offer specialized expertise in various engineering services, including land development design, metal building design, and general structural engineering design[6].

Engineering Sectors Served

We bring our Texas expertise to multiple engineering sectors, planning, designing, and delivering solutions that meet our clients' needs[6].


Whether you're embarking on a residential, commercial, or industrial project, JRH Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to be your trusted partner in civil and structural engineering excellence. Contact us today to learn how we can help turn your development dreams into reality[6].


JRH Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc. is committed to providing top-tier civil engineering services across Texas. With our certifications and dedication to quality, we are your ideal partner for any engineering project. Visit our website or contact us to start your project with confidence[1][6].


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