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Detention Ponds: Do they really need to be maintained?

Detention ponds have become one of the most common solutions for stormwater management. They do a great job of slowing runoff, containing sediment, collecting trash, and removing pollutants. More often than not, they are cost-effective and provide a little bit of nature in a common concrete jungle.

Ponds, like the one pictured above, are highly effective at moving stormwater runoff at the speed and the direction desired by the property owner and the surrounding neighbors. These types of ponds are created to present a natural feel to the property. It’s a great place to take a walk around or sit on an adjacent bench and enjoy a sack lunch.

Because these types of ponds are visual focal points in the design of the building, the landscaping and maintenance are done regularly to insure a pleasant and functional pond.

However, many detention ponds are located towards the back of properties. The owner wants it to perform its duty, but prefers that it be out of sight. These are the ponds that are often neglected. Out of sight can often lead to out of mind. More at:

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