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Environmental Consulting

Did you know all federally funded projects require an

Army Corp of Engineer permit?


Your project may qualify for a nation wide permit, or may have to permitted under

a general or individual permit.  JRH can help with your Section 404 and Section 10 permit and Phase 1 Environmental study.

Use your knowledge of what your land use was, as well as, your due diligence to rule out environmental hazards before the land is purchased!

Wetlands help support wild life habitat! They also provide an important basis of commercial fisheries. Imagine life without hunting and seafood.

Constructed wetlands can help with rainwater run-off purification and reduces nitrogen/phosphorous levels that ends up our oceans!

Wetland Delineation is defining the line for what falls under the Army Corp of Engineer's jurisdiction.

Wetlands have declined 50% over the last 75 years. The gulf coast is the largest land area to provide wetlands. Wetlands can occur inland, be freshwater wetlands, prairie pothole wetlands, or they can be coastal saltwater wetlands.

Wetlands can reduce nutrients (nitrogen/phosphorous), heavy metals, and sediment run-off into the oceans. Reduction of wetlands has been correlated with dead zones in the ocean, and decline of wetland dependent animals like migrating birds.