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Grading & Site Plans in Texas: Ensuring Mitigation & Conveyance

Mitigating Flood Risks for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Lots

Mandated Grading and Drainage Plans for Non-Master-Planned Community Lots

FEMA Flood Zone "AE" and the Importance of Mitigation

As a response to increased flood risks, the City of Houston and surrounding areas now require grading and drainage plans for non-master-planned community lots, including tear-down homes.


This requirement is particularly crucial for lots situated in the FEMA flood zone "AE".


Conducting meticulous mitigation and conveyance analysis is essential to ensure the safety and resilience of these properties.

Proven Expertise in Grading and Drainage Design

Successful Projects in the Meyerland Area and Beyond

At JRH Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc., we have a strong track record of designing effective grading and drainage solutions.


Having designed the grading and drainage for over 100 lots in the Meyerland area, we are proud to share that none of the houses we designed experienced flooding during the devastating Hurricane Harvey.

Granding and Drainage design in Houston, texas
Grading and drainage designs in flood zones
Grading and drainage solutions in Houston, Texas

Comprehensive Solutions for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Properties

Grading and Drainage Requirements Across Houston's Jurisdiction

Within the jurisdictional authority of the City of Houston, it is important to note that grading and drainage plans are not limited to residential lots.


Commercial and industrial properties are also subject to these requirements. In particular, areas located within the FEMA flood zone "AE" are at potential risk.


Our experienced team at JRH Engineering specializes in designing tailored grading and drainage solutions to mitigate these flood risks.

Ensure the safety and resilience of your residential, commercial, or industrial property by entrusting JRH Engineering.

Contact us today for comprehensive grading and site plans in Houston, Texas, and throughout Texas.

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