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Addressing Galveston Bay Area's Engineering Needs with JRH Engineering

Updated: Jan 31

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Galveston Bay Area, a vibrant region in Texas, has diverse civil engineering, environmental engineering, and structural engineering needs. These needs span across infrastructure development, coastal protection measures, environmental impact mitigation, and residential and commercial developments. As a WBE/WOSB/HUB certified firm, JRH Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc. is well-positioned to address these needs with our local knowledge and expertise in Texas's unique conditions and permitting requirements[1][3].

Infrastructure Development

Revitalizing Neighborhoods and Parks

Galveston City has prioritized the restoration of historic properties, redevelopment of streets, and enhancements to parks and recreational facilities[7]. JRH Engineering, with our expertise in civil and structural engineering, can provide services for new construction, foundation analysis and repair, and emergency response[2].

Coastal Protection

Safeguarding Against Storm Surges and Hurricanes in the Galveston Bay Area

The Galveston Bay Area is vulnerable to storm surges and hurricanes. The ambitious "Ike Dike" project aims to protect the area with a massive system of gates, flood walls, and more than 40 miles of restored dunes and beaches [12]. JRH Engineering can contribute to such large-scale projects with our technical proficiency and customer-centric values[5].

Environmental Impact

Green Infrastructure and Habitat Restoration

The Galveston area is focusing on green infrastructure practices and habitat restoration[4]. JRH Engineering, with our environmental engineering services, can help plan and execute projects that minimize environmental impacts and restore vital coastal habitats.

Residential and Commercial Developments

Supporting Growth in Mixed-Use Developments

The Galveston area has seen a growth in mixed-use developments, including waterfront developments featuring hotels, apartment complexes, event centers, and dining spaces[11]. JRH Engineering can provide residential site development design, commercial site development design, and general foundation design services.

For residential swimming pool plan requirements, JRH Engineering can provide a complete set of plans including a topographic survey, drainage plan, and site plan[6].

Permitting and Certification Approval Services

Navigating the intricate landscape of Texas regulations and standards can be challenging. JRH Engineering extends our capabilities to offer comprehensive permitting and certification approval services, ensuring that your projects adhere to all requisite protocols.

A Certified Woman-Owned Business (WBE)

JRH Engineering is not only a leader in civil and structural engineering services but also a certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), and Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB). These certifications reflect our firm's commitment to diversity and inclusion in the engineering industry.

WBE and HUB Certification

As a WBE and HUB certified firm, JRH Engineering is recognized for our commitment to providing opportunities for women and historically underutilized businesses in the engineering industry.

WOSB Certification

In addition to its WBE and HUB certifications, JRH Engineering is also a certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) by the Small Business Administration (SBA). This certification further underscores the firm's commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the engineering industry.


JRH Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc., with our team of licensed engineers diversified in multiple aspects of civil, environmental, and structural engineering, is your trusted partner in addressing the diverse engineering needs of the Galveston Bay Area[10]. Contact us today to embark on a journey toward turning your visions into reality in the great State of Texas.


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